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Relaxation in Rieser's spa world

Day-to-day life drains our energies and our bodies long for a breather. We all know this feeling all too well. This is why, here in our spa world, you can switch to "off" and just relax for a while and do absolutely nothing: be it a soothing aromatic oil massage that wraps your body in essential oils, an Ayurvedic full-body massage or a beauty treatment that gives your skin a fresh glow. You will certainly find your own unique dimension here that will recharge your batteries and give your body a well-deserved break.

Beauty & Spa brands

What is now an innovative beauty brand that captures the hearts of all those who expect more from their skincare began as the vision of a scientist in a kitchen in Cologne. Chemist Dr Michael Babor developed HY-.L, which cleanses the skin with natural oils, and laid the foundation for numerous award-winning skincare innovations. The latest device technologies also enhance the effect of the treatments and turn them into an extraordinary beauty experience that combines precise results with an absolute pampering factor.


15,000 institutes and spas around the world rely on the French luxury cosmetics line Sothys. The company's own research company, Soredec, has been developing the highly effective products for 75 years. It finds inspiration in nature. The aim is maximum effectiveness with optimum skin compatibility. Matching home care products are also available for optimum treatment success.

Gertraud Gruber

Cosmetics culture with heart, hand and mind - lived with vision since 1955 at Lake Tegernsee. That is Gertraud Gruber. The perfect combination of high-quality products on a natural basis and individually tailored treatment methods fulfils all the skin's requirements and thus ensures an infinite sense of well-being and the natural accentuation of individual beauty.

Tiroler Steinöl

The power of nature par excellence. Since 1902, Tiroler Steinöl has been extracted from oil shale 1,500 metres above Lake Achensee and processed into various care products that contain a high content of naturally bound sulphur. Tiroler Steinöl is characterised by special active ingredients that originate from prehistoric marine animals and plants. Tyrolean stone oil has proven to be particularly effective for musculoskeletal pain and rheumatic complaints.

Nails & waxing
Quick Manicure

What is important to you? Nail shaping or cuticle removal followed by a hand massage.
25 min. | € 35


For perfectly groomed hands! Our manicure gives your hands that little bit extra. We not only take care of your nails, but also your skin and cuticles.
50 min. | € 60


For well-groomed and stylish feet! Our pedicure pampers your feet and ensures an all-round well-groomed appearance. In addition to a relaxing foot bath with a foot scrub, we take care of your nails, skin and cuticles.
50 min. | € 65


Varnish € 12
French varnish € 20
Gel varnish € 25

Depilation with warm wax

Upper lip € 11
Upper lip/chin € 17
Lower leg to knee € 36
Full legs € 56
Armpits € 16
Back € 36

Facial treatments
Me time 1

Cleansing, skin diagnosis, peeling, cleansing or facial massage, eyebrow shaping, serum, mask, final care.
50 min. | € 85

Me time 2

Cleansing, skin diagnosis, peeling, cleansing and facial massage, eyebrow shaping, serum, mask, final care.
80 min | € 125

Luxury anti-aging treatment 1

Cleansing, skin diagnosis, peeling, cleansing, facial massage, eyebrow shaping, serum, mask, final care.
80 min. | € 135

Luxury anti-aging treatment 2

Cleansing, skin diagnosis, peeling, cleansing, face and scalp massage, eyebrow shaping, intensive eye treatment, serum, mask, final care.
110 min. | € 175

Add ons

Bookable as an extra or in combination with a facial treatment:

Intensive eye treatment
Intensive treatment of the eye area against wrinkles, bags and dark circles, to decongest and smooth. Cleansing and ampoule with facial massage or mask.
40 min. | € 60

Rieser time-out
Cleansing and ampoule with facial massage or mask.
25 min | € 45

Eyebrow correction € 12
Eyebrows tinting € 12
Eyelashes tinting € 16
Eyelashes & brows tint € 25

NEU! Skinfusor by Babor
Skinfusor by Babor Tech Innovation

The cosmetic innovation for maximum skin beauty. Thanks to four fusion technologies that build on each other, the skin is gently deep-cleansed, deeply refined, moisturised and stimulated by a special impulse massage. The best thing is that the skin immediately feels smooth and firm. And no longer needs any regeneration time. Ideal for the face, neck and décolleté.

Skinfusor Premium

In this high-tech treatment, we combine four fusion technologies that build on each other to create a deeply effective facial treatment for every skin type: cleansing, refining, moisturising and stimulating through impulse massage.
90 min. | € 175

Skinfusor Intensiv

Our Skinfusor treatment is also available as an intensive treatment with a longer application time and additional manual relaxation facial massage.
110 min. | € 205

Skinfusor Cleanfusion

One of four fusion technologies that can be booked individually or as a short upgrade to your facial treatment.
Deep cleansing of the skin: The skin is intensively cleansed with a special cleansing brush and a mild cleansing essence.
+ € 28

Skinfusor Polishfusion

One of four fusion technologies that can be booked individually or as a short upgrade to your facial treatment.
The special attachment in combination with a light fruit acid essence refines the skin texture and clarifies the complexion.
+ € 28

Skinfusion Hydrofusion

One of four fusion technologies that can be booked individually or as a short upgrade to your facial treatment.
Powerful supply of active ingredients: The skin is intensively moisturised and smoothed with the help of low-sound technology in combination with a specially formulated active ingredient essence.
+ € 46

Skinfusor Impulsefusion

One of four fusion technologies that can be booked individually or as a short upgrade to your facial treatment.
Dynamic impulse massage: Stimulation of the connective tissue provides an intensive power workout for all skin layers.
+ € 42

Skinfusor neck & décolleté

Can be booked individually or as a short upgrade to your facial treatment.
Powerful supply of active ingredients. Special treatment tailored to the neck and décolleté.
+ € 35

Derma Visualizer - Professional skin consultation

Can be booked individually or before your facial treatment.
High-tech skin analysis.
20 min. | € 38

Body treatments
Wellness bath for 2 in the Private Spa Suite

Immerse yourself in a pleasantly warm wellness experience for connoisseurs, which provides relaxation and
regeneration and at the same time revitalizes body and mind. We will gladly serve you a glass of sparkling wine.
ca. 30 min. | € 52

Tyrolean stone oil bath

Activates and invigorates. A benefit for exhaustion, muscle and joint pain or skin problems.
ca. 20 min. | € 38

Tyrolean Stone Oil Vitality Bath

Acts against the first signs of a cold, is refatting and invigorating. Its pleasant fragrance alone, accentuated by the fine eucalyptus and spruce needle oil, conveys a feeling of infinite well-being.
ca. 20 min. | € 38

Cleopatra bath

Feel like Cleopatra once did and immerse yourself in a whey-honey bath. Regenerating care for dry and stressed skin.
ca. 20 min. | € 38

Ayurasan Body

The ancient Indian doctrine of healthy and long life stands for harmony of body, mind and soul. Discover the source of well-being and beauty according to Ayurveda. The treatment begins with a peeling with a glove made of raw silk. Afterwards you will relax during an "Ayurveda" full body massage according to Gertraud Gruber. An embalming with the caring and moisturizing products of the Ayurasan forms the conclusion.
ca. 70 min | € 135

Hanakasumi (Cherry Blossom Meets Lotus)

A soothing and regenerating body treatment, starting with a gentle exfoliation of rice powder and an exfoliating cloth. Then enjoy a relaxing wellness full body massage with precious warm shea butter scented with cherry blossom and lotus. For skin that is soft to the touch.
ca. 75 min. | € 140

Natural salt alpine herbs peeling

ca. 25 min. | € 40

Aroma peeling

Fragrant peeling with an inspiring scent.
ca. 25 min. | € 40

Evening primrose pack

Sensitive and dry skin becomes soft and supple. Tip: Recommended for neurodermatitis and psoriasis.
ca. 45 min. | € 60

Blackberry pack

The small power fruits have been used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb and in cosmetics. Their high content of vitamin C, potassium, calcium and fruit acid is ideal for skin impurities and inflammations.
ca. 45 min. | € 60

Mountain pine pack

The positive properties of mountain pine are versatile. On the one hand the immune system is strengthened, on the other hand the blood circulation is stimulated and the musculature is relaxed.
ca. 45 min. | € 60

Seaweed detoxification pack

This pack provides a deep detoxification of the organism and is therefore recommended as a support for weight reduction as well as against cellulite and heavy legs.
ca. 45 min. | € 60

Full body massage

The classical massage is considered one of the best-known natural healing methods and, with its relaxing effect, helps to specifically combat many kinds of complaints, because one-sided stress, lack of movement and incorrect posture lead to changes in tension and restriction of the musculature.
ca. 50 min. | € 70
ca. 75 min. | € 110

Partial body massage

The stimulation of blood circulation and metabolism strengthens regeneration and loosens tense and strained muscles. This relieves tension and pain in everyday life. Back, legs or arms can be brought to optimal relaxation.
ca. 25 min. | € 40

Tyrolean stone oil sports massage

Powerful massage with traditional Tyrolean stone oil. The massage is specially adapted to the needs of the sporty guest, combining classical and specific massage strokes. A sports massage is useful both before and after sporting activity.
ca. 25 min. | € 50
ca. 50 min. | € 85

Aroma oil massage

This gentle full-body massage with warm aromatic oils provides pure relaxation and regeneration for boundless well-being. 
ca. 50 min. | € 75

Manual lymphatic drainage

The treatment promotes the removal of increased lymphatic fluid from the body tissues and is therefore tissue decongestant and decongestant. 
ca. 25 min. | € 45
ca. 50 min. | € 75 
ca. 75 min. | € 110

Foot reflexology massage

Points and zones associated with various systems and organs in the body are stimulated and energized. For an increased sense of well-being and complete relaxation.
ca. 25 min. | € 45
ca. 50 min. | € 75 incl. 10 min. foot bath

Combi massage

Combination of an energizing foot reflexology massage and a relaxing partial body massage.
ca. 50 min. | € 80

Tyrolean stone oil fango with back massage

Tyrolean stone oil fango with back massage is a time-honored home remedy for a tense back.
ca. 50 min. | € 80

Hot Stone

Since time immemorial, stones have been revered as cult symbols because, like the poles of the earth, they possess geo-magnetic properties. Embedded in the earth for thousands of years, they have become positively and negatively charged. The basalt stones, which are heated to 50°C, are placed on the energy centers of the body. Through the gentle massage with the stones, the entire organism is charged with new energy.

Back: ca. 25 min. | € 45
Full body: ca. 50 min. | € 95 
Full body: ca. 75 min. | € 120

La Stone

First, the body is rubbed with scented oil. Then, warm basalt stones and cold marble stones are applied, creating a warm-cold stimulus. The stones are massaged or laid over the tissue. The circulation is activated and invigorated. The increased circulation is said to strengthen body awareness and self-healing powers.
ca. 50 min. | € 95
ca. 75 min. | € 120

Lomi Lomi Nui

The mode of action of the traditional Hawaiian full body massage is unique. No other massage brings the outside of the body back into harmony with the inside so intensively. The massage with warm coconut oil lasts a total of 80 minutes. After a short Hawaiian prayer to welcome you, you will be massaged, rocked, caressed and pulled for 75 minutes. Afterwards you will enjoy 5 minutes of rest.
ca. 80 min. | € 135

Fascial massage

The combination of fascia therapy with fascia tools and other specific techniques releases tension and adhesions in the muscles and deeper tissue structures. Each treatment is individually tailored to you.
ca. 75 min. | € 120

Back comfort

Relieves tension in the back muscles, improves the dynamics of the spine and relaxes stressed backs. Enjoy a combination of a relaxing back massage with Tyrolean stone oil and the gentle cupping glass technique, a hot roll and the soothing sounds and vibrations of singing bowls.
ca. 45 min. + 5 min. relaxation time | € 70

Moments of happiness by Rieser
4 steps to wellness happiness...

presented by Gertraud Gruber

Moment of happiness 1

The peeling - letting go of the old
Release the daily routine of the last days and weeks. Your skin breathes a sigh of relief.

Moment of happiness 2

The bath - arriving in the here and now
A fragrant whey-honey bath, accompanied by a purifying tea.

Moment of happiness 3

The massage - pampering skin and muscles
Gentle strokes along the lymphatic flow with a special goat hair brush to promote the elimination of toxins.

Moment of happiness 4

Body care - filling the energy store
A high-quality body wrap with the Alpine Balance body butter and the corresponding care oil.

75 pampering minutes | € 145


The Ayurvedic foot massage is a relaxing but also stimulating massage technique in which the legs and feet, from the knee joint down, are treated. The main rule of Padabhyanga is to always massage the feet gently and sensitively. The foot massage has an extremely calming effect, promotes healthy sleep, and helps to create a feeling of well-being throughout the body in stressful situations.
ca. 30 min. | € 55

Shirodhara (forehead oil pouring)

Ayurvedic forehead oil infusion begins with a 20-minute head massage. This is followed by the forehead oil infusion (20 min.) with warm sesame oil. Before the 10-minute after-rest, the forehead is smoothed out for 5 minutes.
ca. 55 min. | € 120


During this Ayurvedic head, face and neck massage with warm sesame oil, the so-called Marma Vital points in the body are activated and stimulated. In the entire head and neck area, the energy flows are harmonized and the blood circulation is stimulated. Especially recommended for stress, migraine, headaches and insomnia.
ca. 45 min. | € 75


The Ayurvedic full body massage stands for anointment, serves to harmonize the body energies (doshas) and supports the release of tissue waste products.
ca. 90 min. | € 155

For moms-to-be
Happy mum: Face, head, neck and foot massage

Is your body currently under more strain than usual? Treat yourself to a soothing massage. Treatments are carried out in a comfortable lying position (on the back). 
50 min. | € 70

"Baby on board" weekend
  • Pedicure with varnish 
  • Manicure with varnish 
  • Partial body massage*

*In the first 3 months and 8 weeks before birth, we do not recommend massage.

€ 155

"Baby on board" week
  • Partial body massage*
  • Facial treatment classic (50 min.)
  • Pedicure with varnish
  • Manicure with varnish

*In the first 3 months and 8 weeks before birth, we do not recommend massage.

€ 220

Kid's Spa (until 12 years)
Princess nails for the hands

Pampering programme for the little ones with a manicure with varnish.
25 min. | € 35

Princess nails for the feet

Pedicure with varnish for our youngest guests. 
25 min. | € 35

Kid's massage

Delicate, relaxing massage for young spa fans.
25 min. | € 40


Small facial treatment with massage and mask.
25 min. | € 45

Private Spa Suite
Pure nature - completely private
  • Finnish sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Whirlpool for 2 persons
  • Luxurious oasis of peace
  • Fresh fruit and tea
  • Balcony with magnificent panoramic view

3 hours | € 190

Extras available
  • The Flowershop | Blanc de Noirs Brut | Strehn Winery € 42
  • Shiki Miki | Rosé Brut | Winery Strehn € 42
  • Thiénot Brut € 97
  • Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial € 137
  • Canapés € 30
  • Sweet seduction € 19
  • Partial massage € 40 per person
  • Aroma oil massage € 75 per person
The Hamam Bathing Ceremony
  • You will stay in the steam bath for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Afterwards you will be exfoliated with the Hamam rubbing glove "Kese".
  • Alternating showers with warm and cold water round off the introductory treatment.
  • With the "Lif", a crocheted cloth made of fluffy wool, the whole body washing now takes place. An elongated cotton bag, also called a "kübük", is used to lather the laurel or olive soap.
  • At the end of the bathing ceremony, the hamam master douses you again with cold and warm water alternately, before putting you to bed in the relaxation room.
  • There you will enjoy tea and fresh fruit.

1 person: € 115 (ca. 60 min.)
2 persons: € 170 (ca. 110 min.)

Spa packages
Total wellness
  • 1 aromatic peel followed by an aromatic oil massage 
  • 1 facial treatment (80 min.)
  • 1 manicure
  • 1 pedicure

€ 320

Just you and me
  • 1 his and hers facial (2 x 50 min.)
  • 1 bath for 2 of your choice in the Private Spa Suite with a glass of sparkling wine and fresh fruit
  • 2 partial massages

€ 254