Moments of joy

Joy is a source of beauty. Discover the Alpine Balance ritual by Gertraud Gruber, which includes four acts: a revitalizing peel, a relaxing bath, a delicate massage and a regenerating body wrap. Experience moments of pure relaxation and enjoy new vitality.

The benefits of the Getraud Alpine Balance programme at a glance ...

  • Skin Care (delicate detox treatment)
  • Lymphatic stimulation of the whole body
  • Stimulation of metabolism
  • Regulation of the autonomic nervous system
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Enjoy a break!

90 minutes of relaxation € 130,-

Joy- Act I

Peeling: new vitality
Leave the daily rush behind. And the skin starts to breathe. Once again.

Joy- Act II

The bath: savour the moment
Immerse yourself in the soothing fragrances of milk and honey, while sipping a cleansing herbal tea.

Joy- Act III

Massage: regeneration for muscles and skin
Free yourself of toxins, thanks to delicate touches along the lymph flow using a special brush with goat hair bristles.

Joy Act IV

Body care: full of energy
Reach the peak of relaxation with a premium wrap with body butter by Alpine Balance body and a special oil treatment.

Marine Balance - Basic skin care by Gertraud Gruber

The MARINE BALANCE method is an effective a cosmetic treatment but also a do-it-yourself cure, to eliminate excess acids in the connective tissue. Natural products of excellent quality help the skin and the body to restore the acid-alkaline balance.

The key elements:

  • Rügen's Oro Bianco®, a concentrate of well-being.
  • Sea salt, an inestimable source of minerals.
  • Chlorella vulgaris, the power of the microalgae.

  • Fascial massage with wooden brush with alkaline bath or body pack of your choice

60 min. € 100,-

Complimentary wooden massage brush and a body sponge

  • Alkaline bath with detox herbal tea
  • Fascial massage with wooden brush
  • Face and body pack

90 min. € 135,-

Complimentary wooden massage brush and a body sponge

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