Beauty treatments

Manicure, pedicure, etc. often do not receive the attention they deserve in everyday life. This is just one more reason to indulge while on holiday. Professional care of hands and feet with nail polish application, as well as a delicate depilation, are the ideal treatments to make for a perfect stay.

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Manicure & Pedicure

Quick manicure: 25 min. € 32,-

Manicure: 50 min. € 55,-

Pedicure: 50 min. € 60,-

Nail polish: € 5,-

French manicure: € 10,-

Gel polish by Helena Gel Polish:
€ 10,-


Upper lip: € 10,-

Upper lip and chin: € 15,-

Legs up to the knee: € 32,-

Full legs: € 51,-

Bikini area: € 18,-

Underarms: € 14,-

Eyes like a movie star

Eyebrow shaping: € 9,-

Eyebrow tinting: € 9,-

Eyelash tinting: € 13,-

Eyebrow & eyelash tinting: € 19,-


The innovative system, divided into four phases, in addition to treating the nails in a natural way, can repair damaged ones.

Phase 1 Bionail Prep: optimal nail preparation via deep cleansing, also with aloe vera. 

Phase 2 Bionail Repair: strengthening of the growth, hardening of the nails and colour correction.

Phase 3 Bionail Improve: application of the selected color and treatment of irregularities. 

Phase 4 Bionail Rejuve: application of fine vegetable oils with anti-aging action on the nails and surrounding skin. 

Bionail home care set: € 85,-

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