Body treatments

From purifying peels to relaxing packs, to highly effective special treatments and draining wraps. Discover the varied assortment of exclusive proposals for the body by Rieser and choose the one you like.

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The experience of the Tibetan bells for two in the Private Suite

Treat yourself to an exclusive wellness break with your better half. After a sound bath with the Tibetan bells, you can enjoy a head-face massage and a relaxing break in the Private Spa Suite, reserved exclusively for you.

Approx. 60 min. € 140 for two

Can also be booked for one person: € 80

Tyrolean fossil oil bath

Reactive and stimulating. A cure-all for fatigue, muscle and joint pain or skin problems.

approx. 20 min. € 35

Revitalizing bath with Tyrolean fossil oil

It acts against the first signs of a cold, with a nutritious and revitalizing action. Just the pleasant fragrance alone, enhanced by fine eucalyptus and spruce oil, will offer you a feeling of total well-being.

approx. 20 min. € 35

Cleopatra's bath

Experience the same feelings as Cleopatra, enjoying an unforgettable bath with milk and honey. Ideal for dry and tired skin.

approx. 20 min. € 35

Couple's spa bath in the Private Spa Suite

Treat yourself to the pleasure of a couple's bath in the intimate and soft atmosphere of the Private Spa, with precious essences and refined skin care products.

30 min. € 48

Soft-pack bed

Mugo Pine wrap

There are many beneficial properties of mugo pine. On one hand, it strengthens the immune system, on the other, it stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles.

45 min. € 55

Blackberry wrap

Blackberries have been used for millennia as medicinal herbs and in cosmetics. Their high content of vitamin C, potassium, calcium and fruit acids are ideal in cases of skin impurities and inflammation.

45 min. € 55

Enotera oil wrap

Sensitive and dry skin becomes soft and velvety. Ideal for neurodermitis and psoriasis.

45 min. € 55

Purifying wrap with seaweed

This wrap guarantees a deep cleansing of the body and is therefore recommended to promote the slimming process as well as in the case of cellulite or heavy-feeling legs.

45 min. € 55



The best natural active ingredients and the special moulding bandage technique help you obtain visible and immediate results.

  • Rejuvenates and tones the skin.
  • Visibly improves cellulite and remodels the body.
  • Reduces annoying fat deposits and water retention.
  • An authentic fountain of youth, revitalizes and offers new energy.

approx. 90 min. € 120
3 treatments € 300

Ägyptos Quick Wrap

After a revitalizing peel, the application of five wraps will follow, soaked in the finest vitality mud, on the arms, leg and torso. This extraordinary treatment concludes with the application of a fragrant finishing product.

approx. 60 min. € 80

3 treatments € 210


Peel with natural salt and alpine herbs

25 min. € 35 

Peeling with a wonderful aroma

25 min. € 35 

Special Body Treatments

Ayurasan Body

Ancient India's doctrine of a long and healthy life believes in the harmony of body, spirit and soul. Discover the source of well-being and beauty according to Ayurveda. A peel with a raw silk glove will follow a relaxing full body Gertraud Gruber massage. The treatment will be enhanced by Ayurasan's moisturizing benefits.

approx. 80 min. € 120

Hanakasumi (The cherry blossom meet the lotus)

A pleasant and regenerating body treatment. After a delicate rice powder peel carried out with a special cloth, you can enjoy a relaxing full-body massage with the prized Shea butter and the scent of cherry blossoms and lotus that will make your skin soft and velvety.

approx. 80 min. € 125

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