Ayurveda is the oldest medical concept of mankind and focuses not so much on the curative aspect as on the prevention, maintenance of the health and regeneration of the organism. Hot oils, fragrant essences and pleasant touches offer relaxation and harmony to body and mind.

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Ayurveda at Rieser


Ayurvedic plantar massage is a relaxing and at the same time stimulating massage technique that involves the area from the knee down. The basic precept of Padabhyanga is to always massage your feet with delicacy and sensitivity. This foot massage helps you relax, promotes a restful sleep and infuses well-being to the whole body in stressful situations.

approx. 30 Min. € 45,-


This head and face massage with warm sesame oil stimulates the so-called marma, the vital body parts, harmonizes energy flow that activates the circulation. Particularly recommended in case of stress, headache, headache and insomnia.

approx. 45 Min. € 65,-

Shirodhara (Oil flow on the forehead)

The treatment begins with a 20-minute head massage and continues with warm sesame oil that is gently poured on the forehead for (20 min). The forehead is treated for 5 minutes, followed by a 10-minute resting phase. 

approx. Approx. 55 min. € 90,-


This complete treatment, called the "mother of all massages," reconciles body energies (dosha) and promotes the elimination of waste in the body, performing a multi-purpose action. It nourishes the tissues and slows the aging process. It also activates blood circulation and lymph flow, revitalizing muscles, veins and arteries. Finally, through the stimulation of the nervous and endocrine system, it increases the tolerance to pain and re-establishes the physical and mental equilibrium. Ideal for arthrosis, muscle tension, circulatory disturbances and accumulation of toxins in the tissues.

approx. 90 min. € 130,-

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